Loving My Career in Film OR Be Careful What You Wish For

The Bright Side

I get paid to do what I love. I get to meet people I never thought I’d meet and play with cool toys. I often travel to places that I never thought I’d go and work alongside incredibly talented folk.

 I did not start my film career till my thirties. I was never someone who was comfortable with living a normal life. I had to follow my dream or I was going to suffocate in my hometown. The hectic roller coaster lifestyle of working in Production suits me to a “T”. Ever since my film career took off I have known that I am on the right path. All I need to do is to keep moving forward.


The Less Bright Side

I believe that anyone who makes a living in the “Industry” is a masochist. I know I am one. We work long hours often times with no days off in between gigs. For example, today is my first day “off” in over four weeks. Let me make that clear…. FOUR WEEKS. I am exhausted. I keep chanting to myself, “I am grateful for the work. I am grateful for the phone call”.

I have become an expert in living on a budget. Sleep? Forget about it. Free time? Not when I’m working. Social engagements? Be prepared to say, “I am so sorry”, a lot.  My plan for April 2016 was to spend in a month in my hometown hanging out with my mother. I ended up taking two gigs and only had one full day with her. She was upset at first but she soon got over it. Anyone who loves a filmmaker better have an immense amount of patience. Everything takes longer. If I say I’m going to be there by 5 you can pretty much count on me driving up at 9. We don’t mean to be flaky it is just that the nature of our work is unpredictable.

Living an Unpredictable Life

I simply cannot imagine my life any other way. I love what I do. My absolute worst days in film are still 100% better than any day working in my old jobs. Sure there is a lot of pressure and with pressure comes stress. But the stress is good stress. It’s the “better buckle up because this is going to be a bumpy ride,” stress.  My life is never boring. My scenery always changes and I never know where I am going to be next. Relationships take more work and I need to try harder to make time for family and friends. Ultimately I think working in film has made me a better person because I set off on a journey prepared to fail and ended up hanging on.

While I sit here in my pajamas attempting to rest and sipping on my tea, one thought keeps circling over and over in my mind, “What’s next?”

2 thoughts on “Loving My Career in Film OR Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Lisa Lawton says:

    I love you Trina! You are an inspiration to all of us, especially women. You stepped out of this Nor Cal box we call home and into the world and took it by the horns! I can’t wait to see what you do next! I’m so lucky to say “I knew her when”! You proved its never too late to follow your dreams. I have to say I’m a bit jealous, but I’m not so afraid to step out and find my passions again. Thank you my friend! Love you, Lisa L.


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