SHE is a Soft Drink in Spain!

I landed in Madrid for a two-hour lay over on the way to Cairo.

I was walking aimlessly around the airport to pass the time and to my surprise I came upon this vending machine bearing my name. I come in orange and lemon flavors. Who would have guessed? I always thought of myself as more of an after dinner drink, coffee with caramel perhaps or a Chai tea latte. Maybe a mocha.

I have never seen my name on anything my entire life. This was a big deal! I am not a Katrina or a Tina and because of this I have never found myself on a key chain or a coffee mug or any  souvenirs for that matter. When I was little I would take my time looking over every sales rack just hoping to finally find my name.

I am sure you are wondering if I tried myself? The answer is “no”. My travels were taking me to Egypt for one month and I didn’t want to bother exchanging money in Europe.

I am always wondering if anyone out there has tried a Trina? What did you think?

I love the little surprises that lie around every turn when traveling the world.


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