She Captures Prague: The Scene on the Charles Bridge

Exterior – Prague – Morning

SHE (mid-thirties, solo traveler, American and short in stature) catches the tram #9 directly in front of her hotel.

The tram is crowded with early morning commuters on a weekday morning. She arrived earlier in the day on a night train from Krakow. Her hotel, The Hotel Kavalir has been kind of enough to check her in upon her 9:00 am arrival without charging her an extra day. She is tired but resisted the urge to lie down after freshening up.  The tram ride is a short one and she hops off at the first sight of The Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge has stood proudly over the Vltava since the 15th century and is one of the key architecture monuments of Prague.


Ext. Charles Bridge – Prague – Later

                        SHE –  (VOICE OVER. SHE IS TALKING TO HERSELF)

Why are there so many people? I came here in the off season for a reason. The next person who holds up a damn selfie stick is going to get slapped in the face.

She has been backpacking around the globe for almost twenty years and is a fan of slow travel. She knows how to plant herself in a beautiful local, on a park bench or at a cafe and let the world passes by.  On her first trip back in 1997 camera phones had yet to be invented and the Internet was only available at Internet cafes. In the modern age tourists stop too quickly with no regard to who is behind them and snap away. She continues to bump into people one right after the other. She chants to herself to “relax” and to plant herself in one spot.


She sets her sights on a frame and she is patient. She waits for folks to finish their photos and move on by and at just the right moment, snap! She is pleased with herself. Vendors sell over priced wares every few feet while beggars line the bridge with their heads bowed and their arms out stretched with hats. The cool morning air feels good in her lungs as she takes times to breath.


                      The beauty is overwhelming. If Prague were a person I’d hate them.

She grabs her camera. Snap, snap! The wave of foot traffic seems to have ended and she is able to listen to the sounds of the city. She spots Prague Castle off the distance and the Kafka Museum, all things she wants to see.


She has seen every city by foot and enjoys walking for miles and miles with limited plans. She travels as if she is been there before and if as if she will return. Of course, there are museums or “must see” spots in every place that she makes a point to visit. She loves almost nothing more in life than researching her next trip. Prague is her third and final stop on her solo adventure. She had started over a week before in Berlin and then onto Krakow, all beautiful cities and all with a special place in her heart.

                               SHE (VOICE OVER – TALKING TO HERSELF)

              Oh Praha! You are too beautiful. I almost can’t take it! I feel like quoting “American Beauty”. Out loud. Would that be too much?


Exterior – Charles Bridge – Moments later

She has calmed down and her heart rate has lowered. Now she does not see an annoying hoard of tourists. She sees people smiling, holding hands and trying to capture the brief few moments they find themselves in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet earth. She smiles, turns and walks forward. She’s not sure exactly where she is headed and that is just fine for now.


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