How SHE Traveled to Seattle & Portland for One Dollar

I love saving money and I love traveling. I’m obsessed with planning travel itineraries and then researching travel deals to see how much that I could save.



I travel for work and I travel for pleasure and I make sure that I do not book a flight, reserve a hotel room or rent a car unless I am earning loyalty points.I have mileage memberships with every airline I have ever flown. The same goes for hotels, I book almost exclusively all my room nights with Every ten nights booked with them equals one free room night later.  Mom’s Mother’s Day flowers? I order them through Southwest Airlines partnership with 1-800-Flowers. I was awarded 1000 miles for my loyalty. Rental car? Gift baskets at Christmas time? I don’t put down my credit card unless I’m somehow being rewarded.

My Solo Trip to Seattle and Portland

I decided to take an impromptu trip to the Pacific Northwest. First I looked through all my mileage memberships and found that I had enough points to take the trip for nearly free.

My point breakdown and trip budget broke down as follows:

Los Angels to Seattle on Delta: $5.00 – Enough miles for a free trip and only paid taxes.

Seattle hotel: $0 – I had previously earned a free room night  from

Seattle to Portland on Amtrak: $0 – I had enough Amtrak points for a free one-way  train ride.

Portland to Los Angeles on Southwest: $5.00 – I had enough miles for a free one-way trip back home and only paid taxes.

In Portland I stayed with a good friend and thus did not have to pay for any lodging.


     A Sweet Treat at Pike’s Place

I had an awesome solo trip to Seattle. The weather in June was lovely. I stayed in a central hotel which allowed me to walk the city at a leisurely place. The train ride to Portland was comfortable and offered beautiful views.


Washington from the Amtrak window.

So folks, when you go to book that next flight or search for that next hotel room or book that next rental car take a moment and fill out those membership forms!

You can reward yourself with a vacation later.


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